P&G Steel Products is your one-stop supplier for the production of metal components and assemblies. With volumes ranging from a few hundred to several million pieces; P&G will deliver the most efficient combination of tooling, automation and piece price. 

P&G Steel is ever changing based on the needs of our customers. Our value added processing and strategic relationships are an extension to your product development and engineering resources. Blank, form, draw, cut, weld, machine and assemble – just a sample of the metal forming operations taking place at P&G Steel Products.

Metal Stamping

P&G has metal stamping presses from 100 to 1000 tons and bed sizes to 144”.

  • Line dies and progressive dies
  • In-press and in-die transfer systems
  • Deep draw, piercing, pressing, coining, trimming, extrusions, tapping, knurling, ribbing, stiffening, plenishing
  • Compound, dual stage stampings

P&G can run the most efficient tooling set-up to optimize die expense, material and piece price based on your specific requirements.

Laser Cutting & Metal Fabrication

With a new 4KW Mazak Optiplex laser and LVD CNC press brake, P&G can also be your ultimate source for prototypes and low volume production. Our new automated laser, coupled with our material buying power and capital resources from our stamping operation, enables P&G to compete more successfully than a traditional fabricator while providing a greater value. P&G has the ability to minimize upfront capital cost and tooling expenditures and still provide a competitve cost per piece.

Working with a supplier that has invested in the best equipment and provides the ultimate solution that is specific to our customers needs and objectives is your best choice. 

CNC Production Machining

Key capabilities include production machining with auto pallet change, prototype machining and part turning. P&G can assist in consolidating your supply responsibilities by providing a more complete component from a single source.

  • Tight tolerance machining
  • Milling
  • Deburring
  • Turning

Manual and Robotic Welding

Several robotic welding cells with turn table production efficiency allow P&G to be your optimal supplier.

  • MIG, TIG and resistance spot welding
  • Weldments and assemblies

When the volume or mix does not justify programming and automation, P&G has experienced and certified welders to handle your most complex welding requirements, or your simple solution done professionally with care.

Component Assemblies

Assembly of metal parts; composite to metal; stampings and plastic injection molded parts, over molded metal substrates; welding; riveting; staking, toggle lock, packaging – P&G is your one-stop shop for assembled components.

Tool & Die

With a complete technologically advanced tool room in-house, P&G not only maintains customer dies for worry free operation; we also do in-house repair, design and engineering changes as well as continuous improvements. While P&G completely project manages your program from design to PPAP to production; we typically source new die builds for our customers.  P&G’s tooling suppliers range in capabilities, cost and location. From across town, to the mid-West, as well as global tooling built in Canada, China, Korea and Europe – P&G will take the worry out of your best total cost solution.


Other services with local partners

  • Heat treat
  • E-Coat
  • Paint and powder coat
  • Tube Cutting
  • Extrusions
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Tool and die