Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is a way of life at P&G Steel Products. From our Six Sigma and Quick Response programs on the shop floor to our long standing commitment to quality certifications such as QS 9000, SHARP and IATF 16949. The importance of quality is entrenched in the daily routine of each employee. Partnering with local universities for training in 5S and Lean Manufacturing has enabled P&G to utilize best practices and continuous improvement methodologies in manufacturing processes throughout our facility.


QRQC – Voice of the employee

P&G provides a formal system for all employees to be heard at all levels of the organization. Employees are given the tools to easily express ideas, look for advice, and make suggestions. Employee suggestions are encouraged and rewarded. Information is shared across departments and best in practice techniques are developed to the benefit of our customers.

The Tools - The Process - The Procedure - The Expectation - Quality is our way of life

P&G Steel Products provides the tools including both global and shop floor CMMs. In process gauging and measurement instrumentation are provided as part of the customer approval process. Regular PM and calibration policies are strictly adhered to.

SHARP Quality Recognition from OSHAIn the end, the best testament to P&G's quality is our long standing customer base.

P&G is certified to IATF 16949:2002. Please click here for a copy of our certificate (PDF).

Click here for press release (PDF) on P&G Steel Products receiving National SHARP Recognition from OSHA.